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Strength for the Journey

September is Self-Improvement Month "a time to improve yourself, set new goals, and eliminate the negative things in your life that are holding you back."


S.M.A.R.T goals are designed to help you achieve your goals with a sense of direction, clarity, and understanding. This method will allow you to reach your goals successfully being organized to move from broad to specific goal planning while keeping you motivated in the process.

S - Specific (or significant): Be specific.

  • What goal are you trying to reach?

  • Why is this goal important?

  • When do you want to start?

  • Who is included?

M - Measurable (or meaningful):

  • How are you going to measure your progress?

  • How will you know you have accomplished your goal?

A - Attainable (or action-oriented):

  • What can you do to reach your goal?

  • Do you have the tools/skills required? If not, can you obtain them? How?

R - Relevant (or rewarding):

  • Why are you setting this goal now?

  • Is this goal related to your overall success? How?

T - Time-bound (trackable): Make sure your goals have realistic timing

  • What is your target date to accomplish this goal?

  • Is the timing realistic?

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