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Strength for the Journey

Therapy Thoughts…

What are you proud of yourself for? Is there something that you thought you just couldn’t ever, would never or should never even try to accomplish? How much credit do you give yourself for surviving all the days you thought you couldn’t? '

It’s often the little moments of progress in our journey that come together, stack on top of one another and create the stairways to success.

Did you know that you could technically take the little moments of disappointment, sadness, regret, heartache, etc. and turn those into stones too…stepping stones that is! Add those stones to the staircase, embrace them as part of the journey to elevate you toward your goals! Challenges build character and give you an opportunity to flex your resilient muscles. Be proud of all the little things…good and bad…that ultimately add to your strength for the journey!

Just For Fun…

“If at first you don’t succeed, try doing it the way your therapist told you to the first time.”

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