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Strength for the Journey

Have you struggled to connect with others???

Have you ever wondered why some people can trust others, love and accept love, and get close to others easily? While others are clingy, fearful, struggle with closeness, and/or avoid close relationships? Oftentimes, our ability to connect or form healthy attachments is shaped by our early childhood experiences. Even experiencing betrayal or unfaithfulness in adulthood can impact our attachment style.

An attachment style is a specific way a person relates to others in relationships.

The 4 Attachment Styles (and some of their symptoms & signs) :

  1. 1. Anxious/Preoccupied (seeks approval, worries partner is not as invested)

  2. 2. Avoidant/Dismissive (strong, independent, believe they don’t need a relationship to feel complete)

  3. 3. Disorganized/fearful-avoidant (desires closeness but trouble trusting others)

  4. 4. Secure attachment (emotional closeness, love & acceptance, can depend on others without becoming totally dependent)

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